Saturday, March 12, 2011

Glorifying Srimati Radhika

"Radharani is a beautiful crescent moon of nectar born from the ocean of Vrsabhanu's family. The line of red vermilion decorating the lovely part of Radha's hai looks like a sweet river of nectar. I pray that my mind remains eternally fixed on Radhika, who becomes stunned with love for Krsna whenever She hears about His transcendental form and qualities. Kishori binds Her beautiful braids with delicate, fragrant jasmine flowers. Radha's large lotus eyes, restless with amorous desires, condemn the agile movements of khanjana birds.

"Radha's walking is more graceful than the gait of a regal mad elephant. Kishor's sweet golden limbs are more charming than the petals of a golden campaka flower. The golden creepers of Radharani's tender arms are decorated with jeweled armlets and bracelets. The astonishingly wonderful loveliness of Radha's divine form constantly enchants all the beautifulyoung girls of Vraja.

"Radharani's gently smiling face conquers the elegance of the full moon. Condensed fresh sweetness has appeared as Radha's lovely broad hips, which are bound by strings of bells. A wonderfullycolorful blouse conceals the beautiful golden waterpots of Radhika's large breasts. Radha's glossy red lips fillSyama's mind with a great longing to taste the delicious nectar therein. Radharani's shapely chin is splendidly anointed with a charming dot of musk. A large radiant pearl inlaid with gold and jewels hangs from Radha's pretty nose.

"Radhika's blissful divine form is the essence of the sweet ocean of beauty surging with waves of love for Syama. The deer of Krsna's eyes has fallen into the well of nectar known as Radha's enchanting navel. A red sari encircles Radha's divine body, which is made even made more dazzling by Her brilliant earrings, necklaces and anklets. Kishori trembles with amorous passion whenever She sees Gokulacnadra's footprints on the forest path. Those whose hearts are greedy to taste the nectar of vraja-rasa must glorify the incomparably beautiful transcendental body of Radhika as per the descriptions of the expert s in Vrndavana mellows."

                                         -Govinda das Kaviraja

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