Monday, October 25, 2010

Revelation of Desires

Srila Raghunath das Gosvami's Abhista-sucanam from the book Stavavali:

Text 1
I pray that the wild horse of my heart may become like the cintamani jewel horse Srila Rupa Gosvami, which carries as its rider the desire to serve the gopa prince's beloved.

Text 2
Because of Srila Rupa Gosvami's efforts, my heart is now peaceful, controlled, able to know the nature of spirit, fixed in yoga, and attached to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Now that I have attained Srila Rupa's smiling, nectarean, compassionate glance, my heart has become wild by remembering the transcendental pastimes of Lord Hari.

Text 3
O doe playing in the forest, you are all very fortunate because with your eyes you always drink the nectar of Lord Krishna's face. As for myself, I am simply an unlucky dog wandering in Vraja trying to fill my belly. I never see Lord Krishna for even a moment.

Text 4
O friend, when you serve Vraja's king and queen, who many times have met in my heart, please give the remnants of Their betel nuts to me.

Text 5
O friend, I see you serving Sri Radha who, languid from many passionate amorous pastimes, and Her cheeks wet with perspiration, rests on the couch of Lord Krishna's chest.

Text 6
May the splendid moon of Lord Krishna, which tirelessly dispels the great darkness of the demons, showers the nectar of pure love on the devotees, cools the white lotus of Sri Radha, and makes the flowers of Her breasts blossom with happiness, protect us.

Text 7
At what very auspicious time will I directly see Sri Sri Radha-Krishna enjoying the sweet rasa-lila, arguing over some yogurt at the base of a hill, and playing with Their friends in waves of joking words pushed by breezes of amorous desire?

Text 8
May Krishna, the leader of the cowherd boys who, as He walks on the path with His friends and surabhi cows, with happiness and concern offers hundreds of blessings to Rohini-devi and the other devotees, and who, as the concerned queen of Vraja tearfully glances at His friends and at the lion-like Balarama, is gazed at with love and pride by the people of Vraja and with words of praise by Radha and His other gopi beloveds, protect us.

Text 9
"Friend who is this girl We have never seen before?"
"She is a vraja-gopi." 
"From where has she come? Why has she come?"
"She has come from Mathura-pura to worship You."
When She heard the playful words "Now You may enjoy with the incomparable Lord Hari" Radha understood thath the girl was Krishna in disguise and at once burst into a smile.

Text 10
O tongue tortured by thirst, please mix the delicious nectar of the name Radha with the wonderfully sweet condensed milk of the name Krishna, ass the fragrant ice of pure love and drink this charming drink at every moment.

Text 11
O moon of Lord Caitanya, please make the lotus of my heart bloom! Please make that lotus beautiful with swarms of dancing bumblebees of meditation upon You! Please shake away the dense darkness of my offenses! o kind Lord, please make sinful me drink the nectar of your lotus feet!

Text 12
I pray that I may fan the two young dancers of Vraja who have become fatigued by happily dancing in Cupid's arena in an incomparable forest grove filled with the instrumental music of the expert cuckoos and the humming songs of the bees.

Text 13
On the strength of the service I have done to the pollen of his lotus feet, I am able to always reside, even times of trouble, by the shore of Radha-kunda at the base of Govardhana Hill. Protected by his friends, I chant and hear Sri Sri Radha-Mukunda's holy names, which defeat the sweetest nectar. I pray that Srila Rupa Gosvami may always protect me.