Friday, December 4, 2009

A Nice Poem by Rumi

There are those who accept the law of Moses and not the grace and love of Jesus,
like the Jewish king who killed Christians. This is not seeing right. Moses is,
inside the soul of Jesus and Jesus is in the soul of Moses.
One era belonged to one;
then it was the other's turn, but they are one being. A teacher said to a slightly
cross-eyed student, "Hand me the glass bottle there."
"Which one?"
"There are not two."
"Don't scold me, teacher, but I see two."
"Smash one of them."
Of course, both were broken. This is how it is when we see through the
double vision of lust, anger, or some religious self-interest.
A bribed judge cannot distinguish the one who's been cruel from the victim.
A good prayer is, Lord, help us see both worlds as one.

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