Saturday, August 7, 2010


Where is the mercy I was promised?

Hear I cry and laugh
Laugh at my stupidity
How could it be , that I let my mind flee?
Still I'll tread steadily 
Will you wait for me?
You are miles ahead
I'm struggling to get out of bed
Remember what Gurudev said?

The snow is deep
inhalations burn but now it's my turn
My turn to hold Vasuki and churn
Churn out my desires and impurity
Are you still trying to get through to me?

Shiva don't throw the trident down
In this ocean of milk I'll drown 
Unless you save me...........

Is this the mercy I was promised?

I fall and cry out loud
No, I've been way too proud
Count myself out of the crowd
Read out loud and now I wear the shroud

Forgot the route back to the sky
that blissful sky where you'll go when you die
I let out a heavy sigh and you ask why

Why? Am I alive
or am I dead body decorated with jewels?
I'm only alive to those gross fools

Here I stand proud only to be brought down on my knees
Begging please, please, please

      Show me some mercy..........


Benjamin A. McClintic (ভাবসিন্ধু দাস) said...


Just thinking about your poem. Sometimes I think it just comes down to the fact that everything is mercy. It's like we aren't content with the mercy we are given, because it doesn't tally to our desires. I know this feeling very well. But that's just it. It is mercy, in spite of the fact that it is not the mercy that we're looking for. Like me, I get bored. And I think, why don't I have enthusiasm for service? But then, it's not like I lack the time for service. So that time is there, and it is mercy, that, despite the fact that I'm not using my time for service, time exists for it. So some facility is given, even if it is not used. Anyways, just reflecting on your poem… ;)

Rampriya Das said...


My pranams and salutations


Bal Gopal das said...

Thank you Robert for your thoughts on the poem. They very much ring true for me as well.

Anonymous said...

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