Thursday, November 17, 2011

A New Poem

The sun rises... the clouds try to hold him back
Colors splash over the room
Drowning in light, I can breathe a little easier
Minutes pass by until an hour has gone
Where have I been? What have I been doing?
There are no tears, there are no smiles
A blank face who tries to hide from you...

As the sunlight hits  my face
I want to burst into a hundred meteors
And slam into your planet heart
I want to profess my love in a million poems
Yet my hand is too weak to hold a pen
My heart to weak to hold an emotion
I slip back into my sunlit ocean...

Breathe baby, breathe...
Decorate the afternoon with laughter
Sing until the tears wash away the sadness
Play and dance, for the embodiment of purity
is smiling and waiting for you...

The sun has set and I no longer want to stay awake
I stare at the stars and remember my youth
A million hands reaching out to take you away
A million books to be read
A desire to find happiness rather than be content

In the night I wish to have you by my side
At night I pray to dream about sunlight

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