Thursday, April 10, 2008

Prarthana Song 6

O Lord Hari, please be merciful and keep me safe at Your lotus feet. The six enemies headed by lust and anger are dragging me to different places enticing me to enjoy my senses in various ways.

Forgetting You, I became a servant of Maya, and desired so many things for myself. Then, hoping to collect some money, I disguised myself as a Vaisnava and wandered from door to door.

After a great deal of suffering, You then kindly tied Your rope of mercy around my neck and brought me back to Vrindavan. But then Your external potency Mayadevi forcibly untied that rope and threw me into the well of material existence.

So if You kindly once again catch my hair and pull me out of the well and place me in Braja-dhama, only then will I be saved. Thus prays poor Narottama das.

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