Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stop the Mind

My hands and feet are bound by ropes
ropes called passion, goodness and ignorance
My tongue is tied around gibberish
My eyes are blinded by the glow of the tv set
My computer gives me access to hold me tighter
Dear Lord how can I feel lighter?
Stop the mind, stop the blame
look within realize the game
Dancing in a circle chasing your tail
what you thought was heaven was actually hell
But now you can explain your word, or will you go off chasing imaginary birds?
Am I to blame for all this pain?
Am I to identify with this stain?
Stop the mind, stop the blame
Realize the highest goal
No action, no penance, no struggle, no fasting, no meditation, no prayer will help you
if it's not pleasing to the great souls around you...
Please the dog you please the master
Please the Lord's servants you'll get there faster.....
Stop the mind, am I to blame for the violence around me? Am I to blame for the lust around me? Am I to blame for the mistakes that I keep making because I'm too weak to fight my lower desires? Am I to blame for the actions of my brothers and sisters?

All that I see is a reflection of me
All that I see is a reflection of me
All that I see is a reflection of me
All that I see is a tainted reality
Until I'm free, I won't see the purity that surrounds me...
The most confidential knowledge is only given to those who are able to utter an honest prayer...
A humble prayer, so stop the mind and loosen the bind

The flower that you offer, the water that you drink, the sun that shines
if you don't remember the unconquerable, you'll soon sink... But the unconquerable can be conquered by love
Those who understand this have flown beyond all mundane knowledge... They have reached the highest peak on the spiritual mountain...
No one left to blame but myself as I contemplate the sense objects
Soon I'll be attached and with attachment comes lust... Becoming lusty means you'll soon become angry...
When anger hits, you'll be delusional
From this delusion the memory is bewildered
That's when the intelligence is lost
When intelligence lost, you fall down... This was explained by He who has no origin
to one who had no envy... I am envious and thus I am to blame...
This stupid false ego plays this game
This game of accept and reject but I must stand up and correct for those who can look within stand erect...
Darwin got it all wrong with his evolution song..
This word seems to generate some kind of hate amongst those who take this body as all in all... Don't listen when they try to call, dialing numbers that are only theoretical... Be practical and use your logic...

Some say out of chaos comes order, but there's no disorder when you can actually see...
Nothing happens by accident
Our small brains try to piece together the plan
And we try to smash it when it doesn't go our way...
Yes, I'm to blame
Now I can switch it all around
Kneel to the ground
And pray because that's how we give way to He
who some call Yew ah
but who some call Ajita, the unconquerable...

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