Friday, June 20, 2008

Pouring It Out

On coming back from our trip, I feel spiritually recharged. Somehow, I have once again obtained the mercy of my Guru. Everyday I have woken at 4 am and attended the full morning program. I have noticed that my mind is much clearer enabling me to think of Radha-Krishna much more now than before. Being with the devotees in the morning chanting and praying together, has really opened my heart to new insights. I feel very blessed and grateful.
But, this is where it starts getting difficult. How can I properly maintain this enthusiasm? How can I continually feel grateful rather than falling into a pit of familiarity? How can I strive for increasing sincerity?
Obviously, it is by association. It is by prayer. Rather than rush through the activities of my life, I must use each second to struggle towards my goal. What is the goal? Love of Krishna. I must see that every prayer I sing, every name I chant, every service I perform is an opportunity to please my Guru. If I please Gurudev, than I please Krishna. I must pour my heart into everything that I do.

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Bhakta Dave said...

Jaya Prabhu! Please keep it up. There is a famous quote by football coach, Vince Lombardi, that says: "Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing." Maybe the terms "winning" and "losing" don't apply so much here but the point is, keep up your positive habits and attitude. Once you fall into the "losing" trap, like I have, it because difficult to do anything but lose.