Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kick Out Darwin

Yes, Ben Stein's new movie is coming questioning Darwin's Theory.
He shows how many scientists and teachers are being expelled from schools and
denied grant money just because they question the many holes
in the THEORY.
The Expelled is a great movie about the 1st Amendment and our right to
question authorities who put forth theories that should be questioned especially
when they have so many gaps.....
Shrila Prabhupada said: "Darwin is a rascal. What is his theory? We kick out Darwin's philosophy.
The more we kick out Darwin's philosophy, the more we advance in spiritual consciousness."

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Trees Jungle said...

I'm looking forward to this movie. Good to read your blog, G, this living diary of your thought process. Here-here for questioning all belief systems and calling them what they are. Call mystery what it is too: fearless admission that we actually don't know (eg: what happens to us when we die) and can rely only on those belief systems of our choosing. I'm sure that will spark some retort! :-}

My understanding of your philosophy is to infinitely question, following the road that provides the most answers that seem the most relevant and appropriate.

I fear I'm ceasing to make a point now so will step away from Charlie Chan in Paris, my computer, and my pile of winter clothes going into storage to bid you a good night.

give my hugs to the gals.