Friday, April 11, 2008

Prarthana Song 55

"When will I chant the names of Hari and see Lord Madana Mohana? In this way I want to travel on the path of Vraja.

Entering Vraja, I will become an ankle-bell on the feet of the gopis and cause a sweet tinkling sound. I will watch the sporting pastimes of the cowherd boys in the forest of Vrindavan and smear the dust from their feet on my body.

I will see the sweet beauty of Radha and Krishna to my eyes' satisfaction and I will stand as a guard at the gate of the groves of Vraja. O residents of Vraja! Please fulfill my desires and allow me to hear the sweet sound of Krishna's flute.

At the time of giving up my body, I will simply place it in the waters of the Yamuna and float while chanting, "Jaya Radha Govinda." Narottama das laments thus, "My desires are not fulfilled. When will I reside in Vraja?"

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