Sunday, April 13, 2008


My mind wants to flow, where should I go?
My heart breaks, where should the weeds grow?
The sun goes down, and I feel like a clown
identifying with too much emotions
bewildered by mundane commotions...
And finally I breathe a breath that only comes at sunrise after awaking from strange dreams....
In your eyes are streams of ancient language that only mystics in the Himalayas could understand.....

My mind wants to flow, where should I go?
The eagle takes down the crow, weeds grow
These thoughts I can't shake or throw, but I know
when the sun sets the stars will shine... Constellations, stories lost in our world of technology...
Computers, tvs, cell phones suck on our souls like vampires,
are you calling me a liar, like I just said when you have the proper desire you'll fly
Why are you afraid to die? Parts of God that are never separate... Only illusion separates
unity in diversity
to segregate is perversity


Trees Jungle said...

I can practically hear the hip-hop beats going with this, g! Looks like we're both getting some mindflow (blog) time this day. I, too, had strange dreams. The kind where I had to talk myself into the truth of their dream-ness and into awakening to the reality of the day. But in the dream I explored new worlds, populated by kindred spirits. And, to them, I sang like a nightingale. In the process, however, I lost my daughter and awoke crying.

and check this out: my word verification below is godxm.

Trees Jungle said...

p.s.: where's the image from?